Thursday, March 17, 2011

What To Wear - Anthropologie Esmeralda Dress

Anthropologie's Esmeralda Dress Outfit #1

I recently purchased Anthropologie's Esmeralda Dress, and because the weather is still pretty cold in Seattle, I wanted to pair it with a cardigan, and possibly some tights.  I decided to wear the dress with Anthropologie's Scaffold and Scrim Cardigan in green.  I wasn't sure if this outfit would make me look too much like a school teacher, so I decided to pair it with 4" red patent leather platform pumps.

Anthropologie's Esmeralda Dress Outfit #2

Another option for what to wear with Anthropologie's Esmeralda Dress was a purple Alice In Autumn Sweatercoat and Marc Jacobs platforms.  I have had these shoes for years, but they are still one of my favorite pairs of shoes.  These are suede and patent leather with a double buckle and a 1/2" platform and a 4.5" heel.  They are pretty comfortable considering the heel height and I can definitely wear them for an 8 hour day.   I wore this outfit with black tights, since it's cold out, and our weather isn't always dress friendly!

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