Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Anthropologie - Petticoat Cardigan by Moth

Petticoat Cardigan by Moth $59.95 (reg. $118)

Review: Anthropolgie's Petticoat Cardigan arrived today, and I am a little disappointed.  The color is kind of drab for a turquoise, so I think the gray version might look better.  The knit feels cheap, and I am guessing this will fade drastically over time, and after one washing, it will be junk.  Based on the feel of this cardigan you would never guess that it was a cashmere blend.

I love the design of this cardigan, however I can't get past the cheap knit.  It fits true to size.  I tried it with a belt in place of the sash, which helped, however the ruffles start at my waistline, and add additional bulk there, which makes it unflattering.

Too bad, this is going back to Anthropologie.  Minor changes would have made this so cute!   If you want to give it a try, the style number is 19468024, and it is available in Turquoise or Gray.

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