Thursday, March 17, 2011

Review - Tavolata

Tavolata Zeppole $10


Tavolata is our go to place for comfort food.  This place is all about their pastas.  I crave the Gnocchi Alla Romana.  It's not what I expected when I ordered it the first time.  I was expecting traditional gnocchi, you know, the small potato dumplings that are soft and chewy.  When it arrived, I knew I was in for a treat!  Tavolata's Gnocchi Alla Romana is to die for.  It comes to you piping hot in a ceramic dish on a hot wood plank.  There are 6 Gnocchi per order for $17, but each Gnocchi is giant.  They are shaped almost like small hockey pucks, and they are super soft, tender and covered in hot melted mozzarella cheese. The marinara sauce has a little spicy kick to it too, so that was a pleasant surprise!

Another favorite pasta is the Rigatoni, $17.  It's piled high with spicy italian sausage in a tomato sauce and a giant tower of freshly grated parmesan cheese.  The pasta is cooked al dente, perfect.  The sausage is just a tiny bit spicy, and the sauce is light enough that you don't lose the flavor of the pasta.  It's a hearty portion and perfect for sharing. The fantastic pasta creations are what keep us coming back time and time again!

They had a dish on the menu a while back that was also fantastic, but it's disappeared.  Perhaps due to the season... It was an appetizer, green beans wrapped in proscuitto and topped with a fried egg.  OMG. amazing.  As I ate it, I wondered why I hadn't thought of something like that before!  Ethan Stowell, if you are reading this, please bring that back.  We loved it!!

Another highlight, the Cauliflower Bagna Cauda, $6 - Tiny bits of cauliflower tossed with an anchovy/garlic sauce.  Fabulous!

I have also had a swordfish dish, I didn't really love - But then I realize, it's not the restaurants fault, I think I don't like swordfish.  I've also tried a beef dish, but it wasn't totally memorable.  It was good, and I just had it a few weeks ago, but I can't really recall... I guess it wasn't THAT good.

The Zeppole for dessert were amazing.  Little lemon flavored doughnuts with chocolate sauce.  OMG.  These sell out sometimes, so get your order in early!

The ambiance of the restaurant is very industrial, and it's not the coziest place in Seattle.  There is a huge communal table in the middle of the long room.  I also noticed a table at the top of the stairs that looks down into the kitchen - We wondered if people kicked dirt from their shoes down into the kitchen. gross.  We try not to think about that too much!

2323 2nd Avenue
Seattle, WA 98121

Hours: Sunday - Thursday 5:00pm - 11:00pm, Friday - Saturday 5:00pm - Midnight
Happy Hour: Everyday 5:00pm - 7:00pm

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