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Review - Uneeda Burger

Uneeda Burger


Nestled in an old auto shop in Fremont is Uneeda Burger!  It's easy to find, and not far from Paseo's Fremont location.  We drove around looking for a parking spot, and after finding one across the street, we noticed this sign, just north of the restaurant:

Good to know... There was ample parking available on a Saturday afternoon.  As we entered, we saw a short line of about 4 people, and the blackboard menu... 

Menu at Uneeda Burger in Fremont

We decided to share the Poutine and Onion Rings.. Yum, I love onion rings if they are done right. And these, are proper!

Uneeda Burger Poutine $6

What is Poutine you ask?  It's fries topped with gravy and typically cheese curds.  Uneeda's Poutine wasn't really hitting the spot for me.  It was ok, but not great.  There was enough gravy and cheese sauce to cover all of the waffle fries. But I think it's the cheese sauce that I didn't love.  I would have much rather had cheese curds.  If you're in Portland, try Potato Champion's Poutine.  Amazing.  If you're downtown, give Steelhead Diner's Poutine a try, again, really good.  If you're starving, and craving waffle fries, and aren't really particular about the experience, then Uneeda Burger's Poutine might work out for you.  

Onion Rings $3

Now here is my sole reason for wanting to come back to Uneeda Burger - the Onion Rings.  They were fantastic!  They use a tempura batter, not a heavy gross cornmeal batter like Red Mill. They are super crispy and crunchy, and not at all soggy.  The onions were cooked, but not soggy.  I just wish they had better sauces to dip them in to.  All you get is ketchup or mustard. boring.  But they really are worth a try!  But wow are these oily.  There was a pool of oil in the paper towel lined dish after we finished them....

Monsieur Burger $8

I decided to order the #6, Monsieur Burger.  This burger has Black Forest Ham, Gruyere, dijon mayo, and shoestring potatoes on it.  Yes, the potatoes are on the burger.   They also have the Madame version, with an egg of course.  Well, I would have preferred a regular bun, this wasn't exactly what I was expecting.  This burger was soo messy, and bloody, as you can tell by the plate.  The bottom piece of toast was soggy, and I ended up eating this with a fork and knife.  The dijon mayo was a little heavy and distracted from the Gruyere.  There was a sprinkling of shoestring potatoes that added some crunch.  I think if I were to order this again, I'd go for the Madame, with an egg, on a normal bun, with the beef cooked well done.  I don't like a bloody burger.

Onion Rings and #4 BBQ Smash Burger  $8.50

My SO ordered the BBQ Smash burger, and his looked so much better than mine, I convinced him to split them and share with me.  This one was better than the Monsieur, but again, bloody, soggy bottom bun.  Ick.  There was a good amount of bacon, and a pile of both grilled and crispy onions.  the cheddar cheese was really mild, I almost lost the flavor of the cheese.  I like that their burgers aren't overly salty like Lunchbox Laboratory burgers can be.  

So... Again, not the best burger.  I still stand by the Palace Burger Royale as the #1 burger in Seattle, and fries actually.  We will be back, especially for onion rings, and maybe a salad or something next time.  

Uneeda Burger
4302 Fremont Ave N
Seattle, WA 98103

Hours: Monday -  Thursday 11:00am - 9:00pm
             Friday - Saturday 11:00am - 10:00pm
             Sunday 11:00am - 8:00pm

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