Sunday, January 27, 2013

Rieker Anti-Stress Peggy Boots

Rieker Anti-Stress Peggy Boots

Hmm.. .I don’t know if I love the style of these.. But, they are super comfortable.  They were purchased while in London, and at a great price, so I kept them.  They make my legs look short if I wear them with a skirt, but if I wear pants it hides the cute straps. I needed them for the trip as I had a blister fiasco, and overall they have turned out to be a good throw on shoe for running around.  

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Rieker Anti-Stress Aurica Boots

Rieker Anti-Stress Aurica Boots - Black

Another fantastic Rieker purchase!  These are a low heel boot, but super comfortable and adjustable enough to fit on my wider calves.  I was desperately looking for boots that would be extra comfortable for travel and extensive walking and Rieker shoes always fit the bill!  Yes, some of the styles are horrible, but these were basic, black leather boots, exactly what I wanted!