Friday, March 18, 2011

Anthropologie - Sandia Peak Cardigan by Tiny

Sandia Peak Cardigan by Tiny $49.95 (reg. $88)

Review: My first inclination was to buy Anthropologie's Sandia Peak Cardigan in Ivory. Then I reminded myself that I own several cardigans in Ivory, so I put it back on the rack. Shortly after, I found the orange/rust color, but it was a size smaller than I normally buy in Tiny clothes.

I tried it on and it fit perfectly! This cardigan definitely runs larger. The front is knit but it's not too bulky. The rest of the cardigan is thin, t-shirt type material. It's different but I really like it, especially for layering! It's soft and cozy without being too warm. This will be great for spring or even warm summer nights.

 The back is much longer than the front and has a split at the hem.  I think I would have preferred the back of this to be shorter, even with the front, and I may have this altered to do just that.

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