Friday, March 25, 2011

Anthropologie - Rosa Rugosa Top by Deletta

Rosa Rugosa Top by Deletta $39.95 (reg. $68)

Review: The only good thing about the Rosa Rugosa Top from Anthropologie is the pretty print. The print is navy, taupe and teal with an ivory background.  It's pretty, and the pop of teal, which isn't apparent in the photos, is nice.  This top is so cheap feeling, and unflattering.  The wide elastic waistband is awkward, it's almost too thick and bulky for such a delicate knit, and it hit me at a strange spot, somewhere between my bust and my waist.  There are three side ties, and after adjusting them, I realized they don't do enough for the shape.

The scoop neck is a little wide, and makes my chest look broad, ick.   The length is actually good, not too long, and not too short.  I am feeling disappointed in the quality of some of Anthropologie's clothes lately, case in point, the Rosa Rugosa Top.  If you are looking for a similar top that is much nicer, I suggest checking out the Spring Lines Peasant Top.

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