Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Anthropologie - Frosted Flowers Mukluks, Alice in Autumn Sweatercoat

Anthropologie Frosted Flowers Mukluks by Eloise $9.95 (reg. $58)

It's freezing cold here in Seattle.  29 degrees outside, and I am cold, even with the fireplace and the heat blasting.  My feet are always cold during the winter.  I work as a telecommuter, so I am always in velour Juicy pants and hoodies, and these mukluks are perfect for my work attire!   For $10, these were mine - I don't think I would have given them a 4 star rating and loved them so much, had I paid full price, so I guess the rating is subjective. 

I am typically a size 8 - 8.5 in shoes, so these fit just right - I don't understand how they can come in one size, being that these would be enormous on a smaller footed person.  Not to mention the calf area - These are definitely generous.  I am not sure how they would hold up on skinny legs. They are dry clean only, urgh, but I will hand wash them anyways.  I am not too concerned about ruining them.  

They are super soft, and my feet are toasty warm.  I just love them!!

Anthropologie Alice In Autumn Sweatercoat in Purple $79.95 (reg. $168)

I have a friend who is obsessed with the color purple - She is overjoyed with anything purple, whether it be ribbon or post its, or hand soaps.  She looks fabulous in purple as well!  It makes shopping for her a breeze because I will go into a store and check out anything purple they have, and wait until I find that perfect purple hued something.  

For myself, it totally has to depend on the shade of purple.  When I saw this sweatercoat on saie, I went for it.  I think it's gorgeous.  Actually, I already own it in Navy - and I love the Navy one - I've worn it several times and always get compliments when I wear it!  I love the pintuck collar details. I love the embroidery along the waist.  I hesitated for a little bit, being that I already have this sweatercoat in a similar color, and I figured if I don't wear it in the next few weeks, it can go back.  Notice how I wrote, "can"!

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