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Review - Dahlia Workshop

Dahlia Workshop


A few years ago, we started having brunch at the Dahlia Lounge downtown.  The most memorable part of the brunch was the biscuits - they were phenomenal!  My friends and I continued to go there, mainly for the biscuits, but because brunch at the Dahlia has always been consistently good.  So weekends often started with brunch at either Lola or Dahlia. My fabulous friends even held my Bridal Shower Brunch at the Dahlia Lounge!  Everyone LOVED it, and they still talk about how great the food was!  (Thanks again C & A, you guys are wonderful!)

Then one day, we went for brunch they changed the biscuit recipe! WTF?! Why did you change it Dahlia?!  We were so disappointed, and the new biscuit recipe just wasn't meeting our expectations.  We haven't really gone there for brunch since.  (But we still go to Lola!)  

So when I heard that the Dahlia Workshop was going to be serving up biscuit sandwiches I approached with some apprehensions.  Was it going to be the old biscuits, or the new version?   The Dahlia Workshop is located at the ground floor of the Serious Pie in South Lake Union.

Menu at Dahlia Workshop

I decided to try the biscuit with fried chicken, Tabasco black pepper gravy and a fried egg. You place an order at the counter and they will call your name when it's ready. There are a few tables and barstools, but not a giant dining area.  Unfortunately I don't think you can buy breads and other baked goodies here, although they had day old cookies for $1.  We grabbed a table for 2 by the window and waited patiently for our biscuit sandwiches. 

Biscuit with fried chicken, tabasco black pepper gravy and a fried egg $9

As soon as I saw the biscuit sandwich I knew it was the old Dahlia biscuits! The ones I have missed for a long time!  I knew I was in for an extremely indulgent breakfast!  The biscuit was flaky with a crunchy crust and cooked perfectly.  The fried chicken was extra crispy and well seasoned.  The gravy was a little bit on the bland side, I could have used more black pepper or tabasco, both were a bit muted, but it was still really good!  This was definitely not something I would recommend getting to go, way too messy, we definitely needed a knife and fork.  

More than the actual contents of the sandwich, it was all about the biscuit.  I would be thrilled to just have the biscuit with butter and jam ($3).  But with so many unique and interesting selections, I may have to eventually try all of them!   I don't know if the sandwiches will have seasonal changes, but it's possible... I better go back soon, the biscuit with fried green tomato, bacon, remoulade and egg is calling my name!

Dahlia Workshop
401 Westlake Ave N
Seattle, WA 98109

I also love Tom Douglas's cookbooks for inspiration and recipes for some of the famous dishes are even available in the books!  I've provided links to the ones I own below...

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