Saturday, February 5, 2011

Super Bowl XLV - Getting Ready For Super Bowl Sunday!

I have absolutely zero interest in watching football.  I don't hate it, per se, but I don't go out of my way to watch a game.  My brother on the other hand will wake up early on a Sunday just to watch a game on TV, and have his laptop next to him to stay current on the other games going on.  Granted he plays in a couple Fantasy Football Leagues, and often wins or comes really close to winning.

But the one day a year that I have guests over specifically to watch football, is Super Bowl Sunday.  We have a living room that is fit for game or movie nights!  Typically half of us will play board games at the table, and the others will curl up on our 10x10 sectional sofa to watch the game from beginning to end!

My SO isn't really in to football either, so he takes the opportunity to go for a ride on his Ducati - The roads are free and clear for him, then he gets to come back and eat whatever hasn't been devoured by the crowd!

My friend Eric and I usually get in to the spirit and cook for the gang.  Each year, traditionally he makes beer brats, but this year will be special.  For Christmas he received a meat grinder/sausage stuffer, so he wants to try to make his own sausage!  I piped up, being that I have also never made sausage, and offered to help.  So, tomorrow morning, he will be here bright and early and we will get knee deep in pig parts!  (ok, eww, not literally!)

I also make pretty good Guacamole, so this year, I decided I'm going to attempt to make one of those corny Guacamole football fields!  Ha! I am sure this will be hilarious!  I'll be sure to post pics and recipes later!

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