Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Tom Douglas - Brave Horse Tavern!

I am a huge Tom Douglas restaurant fan... From pancakes served with vanilla moscarpone, house made jams and house cured maple sausage at Lola to the tuscan bread salad at The Dahlia Lounge.. I have never had a meal at one of his restaurants that I didn't absolutely LOVE! I'll write more restaurant reviews, hopefully with pics of the fabulousness that comes out of his restaurant's kitchens soon!

A pic I took from our car of the Dahlia Workshop door and sign

I am a total foodie, not only do I love to cook, but I love to have a meal and leave feeling full, happy and more importantly, inspired...

I just heard the one of the new Tom Douglas spots in South Lake Union will be a tavern! The Brave Horse Tavern!  How fun! It's supposed to be more casual than his other places, although I have been known to dine at The Palace Kitchen in tennies and a sweatshirt too...

They will have a pretzel bar? Interesting! And some arcade games?? Ooohh, if there's pinball, I am there!

A look into the Dahlia Workshop from the dining area at 
Serious Pie, before they opened for business!

Our server at Serious Pie a few weeks ago told us That Tom Douglas is also opening an Italian place - wow.. SLU is going to be packed with great dining options! I can't wait!  I hope they are as great as the other restaurants have been to us!

I also love Tom Douglas's cookbooks for inspiration and recipes for some of the famous dishes are even available in the books!  I've provided links to the ones I own below...

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  1. UPDATE - Brave Horse Tavern Opened Today 4/6/11 at 4:00pm!