Saturday, February 26, 2011

Nikita Gray Accessible Jacket

When it comes to my own personal style, I am not a fan of "Seattle Style". I don't own a black puffy North Face jacket, I wouldn't be caught dead in anything polar fleece. I walk into REI and feel like that store compromises who I am. (Well actually, I once bought a cotton skirt there..) I don't wear outdoor gear as everyday apparel. I realize that with the unpredictable weather here in Seattle, sometimes there is a need for North Face, Helly Hanson or Patagonia. I refuse to go that route in my rain city friendly apparel. Because of my personal feelings about outdoorsy clothes, it's been difficult to find a decent lightweight rain resistant jacket that I don't hate. I have managed to just avoid it, and I carry different umbrellas, but I still manage to get wet. bleh.

After a fantastic lunch at La Carta de Oaxaca in Ballard, My SO and I decided to do some wandering on Ballard Ave. We stopped in Canto Barcelona (a few doors down from La Carta) and saw that they were having a sale on jackets!
Nikita Accessible Jacket in Gray $12 (reg. $88)

For only $12, I found this cute gray jacket on sale!  I have seen Nikita gear at Evo in Fremont, but mostly just snowboarding gear, hoodies and sweatshirts... This lightweight jacket is so perfect for me.  It's rain resistant, I am not sure how long it will hold up in a heavy downpour, but it rarely rains like that here.   I love the gathered details along the front, and the scattered black spots all over.  I love that the print is different from a plain rain shell. The zipper pull is a little lightning bolt, it's cute!  Had I seen this jacket in the store, I would have paid full price, but $12, seriously?  I think they had a couple left on the racks there too!  I'd like to go back and take a second look at their outerwear sale, most of the jackets were under $60... great time to buy, considering it's so freezing cold outside right now!

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