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Review - Revel - Fremont - Seattle, WA


I've been wanting to try Revel for a while now, so when some friends and I decided to get together for dinner I suggested we try Revel in Fremont.  It's located in the middle of the shopping and bar scene in Fremont and can easily be missed if you're not looking for it.  The restaurant is super small but attached to the swanky Quoin bar.  
Revel is an asian fusion restaurant, but unique in their own way.. I love the ambiance, i feel like I am eating in my dream kitchen.   As you enter the restaurant there's a giant island where the chefs are preparing the food.  Along the wall are paintings of Michael Jackson, Hulk Hogan, and I didn't pay enough attention to the third painting to tell who it was.

The four of us decided to order a bunch of plates and just sample everything we wanted.  The dishes are designed for sharing, so that worked out wonderfully.  The server checked our IDs as we ordered drinks, which is always nice once you pass the age of 30.  BUT, she did laugh about checking our IDs after she saw them and commented that we were 10 years older than she was.  Seriously?  did she have to go there?  Ahh well. 

We started with the Spinach salad with sunchokes and miso vinaigrette ($7) - The salad was really good - I wasn't expecting currants and golden raisins, but they added a sweet pop to the flavor of the salad.  The sunchokes were sliced paper thin and added a crunch and a delicate earthy flavor.  

Next came the savory pancakes.  They serve sauces alongside the pancakes, one was made with fish sauce and serrano chiles - this one was spicy, and perfect with the pancakes. Another was a sweet soy sauce, this was good as well, and mild.  There was a pasty chile sauce that I didn't care for, it was a little gritty, it may have been a miso base, I am not sure.  and another was a red chile sauce.  We tried the Shrimp, Edamame & Mint Pancake ($9) - This was my favorite of the two we tried.  The shrimp and mint were cooked in to the pancake and it was topped with edamame, carrots, and hijiki (seaweed).  I loved the flavor of the mint with the shrimp.  It reminded me of a Thai dish I love, Lap.  

The second pancake we tried was the Kale, Walnut Arugula, and Pecorino Romano ($9).  This one was good, the flavor of the pecorino definitely stood out.  I don't know that it paired well with the asian sauces, but it was still good. 

Next came the dumplings.  We had the Chorizo, Jicama and Cilantro dumplings ($9).  The chorizo was mild in flavor, but we loved the texture of the dumpling wrapper.  It was cooked in the sauce, and the bottoms were a little crunchy.  They are pretty large, and come with 5 on a plate.  They are topped with fresh jicama and cilantro.

The other we tried was the Short Rib, Shallot and Scallion Dumplings ($9).  I am not sure what I was expecting with these, maybe chunks of Kalbi Ribs inside a dumpling?  But the beef is ground, and lightly seasoned with the flavors of Korean style Kalbi Short Ribs - I would love to see this done with stronger flavors.  These almost tasted like a meatball in a dumpling wrapper.  They were good, but not the highlight of the meal.

Entrance to Revel

And lastly, we ordered the special which was Grilled Scallops with Nettle Pesto and Roasted Cauliflower in  Chili Sauce ($22).  Although the scallops were cooked perfectly on the inside, they were heavily charred on the outside - I didn't care for the burnt scallop flavor, and a dish that could have been fantastic, ended up being just ok.  The roasted cauliflower was good, as was the nettle pesto.  I don't know if they just burned our dish, or if the charring was intentional - we didn't send it back because at this point, it was the end of our meal and we were all pretty full. 

I'd love to come back to Revel and try brunch, and I will definitely return for dinner to try their noodles and rice dishes.  The bar is a great place to hang out while you're waiting for a table too! 

403 N 36th St
Seattle, WA 98103

Weekend Brunch: 10:00am - 2:00pm
Lunch: 11:00am - 2:00pm
Dinner: 5:00pm - Close

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