Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Review - Farm:Table - San Francisco, CA


My SO is a coffee snob.  Whenever we vacation he tries to scout out the best coffee he can find.  He hates Starbucks and will resort to the canned Double Shots if he's in a remote area and finding a shot of espresso  that has the proper amount of crema, is going to be impossible to find.  He has stated that diner coffee tastes like paper towels.  I would have never known before I met him.  Starbucks was a regular stop in my daily routine. Thank you SO for showing me the light, and teaching me how a proper cup of joe should be.  In return, I will teach you that Hershey's Chocolate is NOT good chocolate, and all Bacon is not created equal. :)

Of course we love Blue Bottle.  But if you are staying at a hotel that is quite a hike to Blue Bottle, you have to find alternatives.  Enter, Farm:Table.  They do coffee right.  Or as my SO would say, "It's proper." One morning, while hitting Farm:Table up for coffee, I saw their brunch menu.  Hmm... There is only one communal table in their tiny little space, and a couple tables outside.  It wasn't too cold out, so we decided to stay and eat, outside since the table inside was full of people. 

Hard Boiled Eggs with Bacon, Ricotta and Arugula 

This dish was totally inspiring.  Hard boiled eggs on slices of baguette? OMG.  Crusty thick slices of baguette topped with hard boiled eggs sliced in half, piled high with bacon, arugula and fresh ricotta.  Fabulous.   Each day they feature a different HB eggs dish - and all of them sound amazing.  They post their daily menu on Twitter, or on their website.  

They also serve up daily quiches, waffles, and tons of other amazing brunch foods.  If only they were bigger, with more seating... but regardless, this will definitely be a place we return to every time we visit SF, and not just for the "proper" cup of coffee!  Also, it's CASH ONLY so be prepared!

Civic Center/Tenderloin
754 Post St
San Francisco, CA 94109

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