Thursday, April 7, 2011

Review - Salumi

Armandino's Salumi

What do I say that hasn't already been said about Salumi? If you love the swine, Salumi is the motherland. Porchetta, pancetta, sopressata, Guanciale, you name it, they make it.   From what I understand, Mario Batali's Dad, Armandino Batali went to Italy specifically to learn how to make these the real Italian way.   I don't really like to wait in lines for food but this is one place in Seattle that I will stand outside in the rain without an umbrella for! Fortunately this time there wasn't a line, one of the pork goddesses looked up to take my order, and I said,"One Porchetta and one meatball and Gorgonzola please!"

The other woman's response, "Love a girl who knows what she wants!!" Well, truth be told, I didn't exactly know what I wanted so I just ordered both of the sandwiches that I wanted!

After only a few moments, my to go order was ready. I would have loved to stay and enjoy a sandwich at the small two person table that my SO and I have dined at many times, but I had to get back home. Fortunately the drive is short because the smell from the sandwiches was amazing. Garlic and slow cooked pork, yum.
Porchetta Sandwich at Salumi $8.50

So I decided to have the Porchetta first - I have never successfully finished a Salumi sandwich in one sitting, these are massive! They are extremely messy, but so worth it. The Porchetta is slow cooked pork with carrots, celery and fennel. It's served on French bread with garlic spread and cooked bell peppers and onions. The pork is fall apart tender and the flavors from the garlic, pork and fennel are intense. I thought this was my favorite sandwich until I discovered....

Salumi Meatball & Gorgonzola Sandwich $9

The Meatball sandwich with Gorgonzola. So I waited until dinner to enjoy 1/2 of this one. The 1/2 Porchetta above was enough for me for lunch. My SO got to devour the rest! The Meatballs are amazing - texturally, they are kind of chunky, but tender. I am not sure how to describe it. The Marinara Sauce is tangy and sweet, and they also top this sandwich with cooked bell peppers and onions. Yum! Their menu suggests pairing this with Provolone. Hmm.. That is kind of boring since Provolone has such a delicate flavor, it gets lost with the meatballs. But Gorgonzola?! OMG. Talk about an explosion of flavors. The intense Gorgonzola adds a zip and a tang with musty undertones. Ok, maybe that doesn't sound so good, but trust me, if you like Gorgonzola, this is where it's at!

Salumi's hours suck, well, for my schedule. On the other hand, I love that despite the popularity, they aren't overworked. They are only open Tuesdays - Fridays from 11am-4pm. The lunch rush is insane so it's good to plan ahead and know what you are going to order before you step inside. They aren't exactly like The Soup Nazi, but they like to work fast and get you in and out. The dining area is tiny, so chances are you may not find a table. If you are going to eat outside or in your car, grab extra napkins, these get super messy!

There are many other good things on the menu, these are the two I picked up this round! Oh and their Salumi is available too - I think the prices are less than buying elsewhere. My favorites are the Mole Salami (Chocolate, Ancho Chiles) and the Hot Soprassata.

Armandino's Salumi
309 3rd Ave S
Seattle, WA 98104

Hours: Tuesday - Friday 11:00am - 4:00pm

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