Friday, April 8, 2011

Anthropologie - Falling Petals Top

Anthropologie Falling Petals Top in Ivory $39.97 (reg. $68)

When I saw this top online, I wanted to love it.  Unfortunately in person it just doesn't meet my expectations.  The fabric is a gauzy knit, like an extremely light sweater and the petals are like thick linen  painted and beaded.

Back of the Falling Petals Top in Ivory

The front and back are high, they hit my waistband, and the sides hung low.  The Torso seemed shorter than it appears in the photos.  This top just wasn't flattering at all.  I don't even think it would work for a maternity top, unless you don't mind your belly sticking out of the bottom.

This might work as a layered piece, but I think layered would take away from the cute petals on the front.  You can't even see them on the model photo, but this may be the only way this top would work.

It's also available in what the online shop calls "Beige" but it's more of a deep plum color, far from what I think beige is.

Anthropologie Falling Petals Top in Beige

This might work for a smaller bust, but then the fabric feels so cheap, it would hardly be worth it, even at the sale price.  Ahh well, back to Anthro it goes!

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