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Review - Serious Pie - South Lake Union

Serious Pie - South Lake Union


In my opinion, pizza is available in at least 4 different categories.  1 - Delivery, 2 - Frozen, 3 - Traditional Italian, and 4 - Gourmet. Tom Douglas's Serious Pie falls in to category 4.

 This review is about the second location of my favorite Seattle pizza spot has opened in South Lake Union. Yes Serious Pie has expanded! My SO and I went to enjoy some wood fired love and the new location did not disappoint!

First - no wait for a table. Nice! The only downfall about the downtown spot is the wait. I don't like to stand around and wait for a table, but I totally understand as they have very limited seating. The South Lake Union Serious Pie is bigger!

Ambiance is similar, large communal tables with leather bar stools. The restaurant overlooks the new Dahlia Bakery!

I had the pizza topped with brussels sprouts, smoked pancetta and caramelized onions ($17)

My SO had a pizza topped with yukon gold potatoes, rosemary and pecorino ($15)

Both pizzas were fantastic.. The crust is crispy and chewy, a little oily and salty, but in a very good way!   The brussels sprouts were fresh, just a little crispy without being undercooked.  The pancetta was smoky and the caramelized onions were sweet.  The potato topped pizza is good - but not quite as good as the other pies there.  Maybe I find the yukon potatoes a little boring.  The potatoes were cooked well, not too  soft, firm without being hard.  The saltiness of the pecorino and the earthy rosemary added a kick. I tend to love the edges, because really, the crust is the best part!

Service was great, which is pretty common at all Tom Douglas restaurants.  We will be back again soon!  Hopefully before the crowds discover this new spot!

Serious Pie - South Lake Union
401 Westlake Ave N
Seattle, WA 98109

I also love Tom Douglas's cookbooks for inspiration and recipes for some of the famous dishes are even available in the books!  I've provided links to the ones I own below...

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