Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Nine West - Debutante Sandals, Verbenia Booties

Nine West Debutante Sandals $32 (reg. $89.95)

These shoes are listed as dark gray, but in my opinion, they are definitely closer to brown, and the red part is definitely darker than the photo. They are comfortable considering the height due to the double platform. I love shoes that make me taller than I really am! (Only 5'4", so these pump me up to about 5'8"!) At $32 I decided to buy both colors, the brown/mustard combo is actually my favorite of the two:

Nine West Debutante Sandals $32 (reg. $89.95)

And, more shoes... What can I say, my feet don't like to be bored!
Nine West Verbenia $39.99 (reg. $89)

The color of these is closer to a dark aqua, not so much navy blue. They are suede, so not rainy day wear, but due to the platform, they are pretty comfortable! After seeing the color, I am not quite sure what I am going to wear with them yet.

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