Sunday, January 30, 2011

Nordstrom Rack - Splendid Bias Rugby Cardigan, Manolo Blahnik Camo Sedarabys

There is something exciting about finding a great deal at the Rack. Additionally, there's something that bugs the hell out of me when I pay full price for something at Nordstrom, only to find it go on sale at the Rack soon after.

I have a shoe addiction - yes I do. Some shoes I have that I just look at - but I am still waiting for the perfect outfit or opportunity to wear the shoes. How many pairs of shoes you ask? At least 250, but who's counting? I am sure there are some women out there that have double what I have. Don't worry, I'm catching up!

So Saturday my Mom and I decided to hit the Factoria Rack - I had a Penguin Polo shirt to return that I had bought for my brother, so we went there with full intentions of just returning the shirt. But we both got sucked in... Whenever my Mom accompanies me shopping I tell her, "Shopping is on me!". And I encourage her to splurge on anything she likes... She's more frugal than I am, so it rarely happens. But every once in a while, she does find something that she wants. She was able to find a couple of blouses on sale, (meaning 40-75% off Nordstrom Rack prices!) I think she ended up with 2 blouses that were like $10 each. Me however, I didn't escape so gently.

At first, I found a Splendid Bias Rugby Cardigan:

Splendid Bias Rugby Cardigan - Charcoal & Plum $15.98 ($39.97 -60%)

I also bought a Halogen Mesh tee (sorry no pic) for $12.97. Then we hit the shoe section. I walked over telling my Mom that I don't need any more shoes! I already own too many, and I have already purchased 2 Nine West Sandals, Suede Booties, and Suede Pumps from Anthropologie! But I'll take a look anyway.

Does anyone know what I mean when I refer to the Holy Grail of shoes? You know, the shoes you have wanted for a long time, (talking years here..) but you either couldn't find them, or couldn't bring yourself to pay full price for? For me, these are the Camoflauge Manolo Blahnik Sedarabys. I even search Ebay periodically for new, unused ones - I haven't found them. They were re-released about a year ago, but I couldn't get myself to pay $715 for a pair of shoes in which I have no idea when or where I will wear them. I lost hope. I gave up.

Then, I walk into the Factoria Nordstrom Rack shoe department, thinking I was going to walk out of the Rack with my $13 tee, $16 cardi and my Mom's two $10 tops. But no, Right there, on display are the Camoflauge Manolo Sedarabys in a freaking size 39. OMG. NO WAY! ARE MY EYES DECEIVING ME?

Yes, these babies were pristine. No snags in the satin, no scuffs on the bottoms. No missing crystals. Perfect. They are only missing the dust bag.

Manolo Blahnik Camo Sedaraby $229.97 (reg. $715)

Just writing this fills me with joy! (Ok, that's a little embarassing...) I had some guilt about spending this much on shoes, being that I had gone on a few shopping sprees for the better half of January. But the guilt faded as soon as I tried them on. Now to find the perfect outfit in my closet to wear them!

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