Sunday, November 11, 2012

Frye Veronica Slouch Boots - Extended Calf

Frye Veronica Slouch Boots - Extended Calf in Brown

I have wide calves.  It sucks.  It sucks to never have owned a pair of knee high boots.  It sucks to see so many cute styles and just keep walking on by, not even bothering to give them a chance.  It sucked when I was in High School and everyone rocked knee high Doc Marten’s and I couldn’t wear them because the laces bulged.  It’s also mortifying to be persuaded by a sales person into trying on a boot in the middle of a Christian Dior store and the two of you are trying to cram you leg into a boot that you know won’t fit.  Yes, that’s me.  As embarrassing as it is to even write this, it’s me.   

On top of not being slim myself, I inherited the large calves from my Mom.  (sorry to put you on blast Mom, but you know what I’m talking about.).  Now we aren’t talking extra extra large calves, just larger than the “average”.  14-15” circumference? Forget it.  I really hate the look of the elastic shaft boots with the stretchy material in the back or sides.  Ugh.  I also hate the look of most fake leather boots. Not to mention that my calves are actually too small for most plus sized boots.  I am in this awkward in-between.  

This fall I decided that someone out there has to have addressed this issue by now!  Enter, the Frye Veronica Slouch Boots, available in both regular and extended calf sizes.  Sounds like these have been around for awhile and I am late to the game, but OMG.  FINALLY!! Boots that fit my calves!  

The extended size is a little wide, but I am able to wear jeans tucked in, or extra socks.  I think the circumference of the boots is probably relative to the size of your shoe.  I am a solid EUR 39, so typically an 8.5 US. The circumference of the boots is around 16.5” for the 8.5.  These are a little roomy in the foot area, but with the strap over the arch tightened, they work well.  I can feel my heel slipping a little, but with socks, that goes away.   I also tried the 8, which fit better in the calf, but was a little tight on my foot.   The quality seems good, they seem like sturdy boots that will last for years to come! 

UPDATE: The strap across the arch of my boot broke!  I was tightening them down and it pulled out from the seam almost effortlessly.  Fortunately Nordstrom repaired them for me, as opposed to replacing them with a new pair - I didn’t want a new pair to have to break in all over again!  

2nd UPDATE: After a recent vacation, and one day of heavy walking, I ended up with giant blisters on both heels.  This is probably because the shoes have stretched through wearing them the past few months, and now my heel is slipping too much.  I should have probably sized down to an 8.  ugh.  But they are still great for work, shopping, getting around on a regular day.  Just maybe not right for travel or tons of walking.  

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