Sunday, January 20, 2013

Rieker Anti-Stress Aurica Boots

Rieker Anti-Stress Aurica Boots - Black

Another fantastic Rieker purchase!  These are a low heel boot, but super comfortable and adjustable enough to fit on my wider calves.  I was desperately looking for boots that would be extra comfortable for travel and extensive walking and Rieker shoes always fit the bill!  Yes, some of the styles are horrible, but these were basic, black leather boots, exactly what I wanted!  

The buckles are adjustable and will fit a wider calf without looking distorted. The heel is low at only about 2 inches and there's a slight platform.  The leather is really soft, and on the thin, delicate side for leather.  These boots took zero time to break in and I can definitely wear these on vacation or extensive walking! 

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