Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Review - Cascina Spinasse - Seattle, WA

Cascina Spinasse

Spinasse is a cute and intimate Italian restaurant on Capitol Hill.  The white lace curtains add to the charm, as do the mismatched chairs and bar stools. 

Reservations are strongly suggested, we were seated almost immediately after we arrived.  A couple was at the door, without a reservation, and although tables were available, all were reserved for other guests. They ended up waiting for quite a while to be seated. 

Before we even ordered our food we were greeted with a starter of crostini with a lemon zest ricotta and radish.  The ricotta was really creamy and the crostini was thin and perfectly crispy.

Insalata di Asparagi e Trota $12

The highlight of the meal for me was the asparagus and trout salad.  The asparagus and trout were tossed with capers and green onions and it was fantastic!  It had a light but creamy dressing with a burst of acidic flavor from the capers.  The trout was light, not too fishy, and poached perfectly.

Crespelle di Porri $11

Spinasse serves their crespelle with leeks and the same house made lemon zesty ricotta that was on the crostini.  The crespelle were very similar to crepes, light and soft with most of the flavor coming from the  ricotta.  It's served on top of a walnut puree, that was very light in flavor and added a slightly gritty texture.  I didn't love the walnut puree, but the crespelle was very good.

Special Pasta of the day $24

 Instead of having a second course, we decided to have two pasta dishes.  We started with the special of the day, that was described as candy shaped pasta filled with ricotta and herbs.  So actually, we decided on this pasta because of the limitations of my SO's dining preferences.    I was about sick of their house ricotta, I don't particularly love the taste of citrus zest, so I wouldn't order this again, but despite the lack of variety in our meal, this pasta was still extremely good.  The pasta was cooked perfectly, and had I not been sick of the ricotta after the crespelles, this may have been the best pasta I have ever tried.  Until... ...

Tajarin al Ragu $17

Sorry for the bad picture, the sun was fading and the lighting wasn't so good... but the Tajarin - super thin, flat egg noodles with a meat ragu sauce. The noodles were so delicate, but cooked perfectly again.  Amazing pasta.  We chose the ragu sauce, which almost overwhelmed the pasta, but it was still amazing.  I'd love to try the butter and sage sauce next time.  The portion was on the small size, but after sharing all of the dishes we were satisfied.  I would strongly suggest that anyone going to Spinasse try the Tajarin.  

We decided to pass on dessert at Spinasse, I am not a huge fan of Tiramisu, although I have heard that it's amazing at Spinasse.  Instead, we decided to go to Old School Custard around the corner. :)

Cascina Spinasse
Capitol Hill
1531 14th Ave
Seattle, WA 98122

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