Sunday, June 5, 2011

Rosanna Warehouse Sale - Seattle, WA

This sale wasn't as good as I hoped for.  Some of the prices are inching up, and there wasn't much of a selection of .50 and $1 things... The warehouse itself is a major update, it's easily four times the size of the old location, which is fantastic - it's now spacious and feels much less chaotic. 

Prices for the tableware ranged from $5 - $50, the furniture was all pretty expensive.  Sets of 4 dishes or 4 mugs were $20, platters were still $15.

Rosanna Decor Bon Bon Pedestal Platter

There was a pile of white Decor Bon Bon footed pedestal platters (item #51133) marked down to only $10!  These are regularly $75 on Rosanna's website - amazing deal.  Half of the pile was broken, but my friend discovered that the pedestals in the boxes in the middle of the pile were all ok.  We both bought one each!
I also purchased a Rococo Noir Footed Round Bowl (style #27546) regularly $45, for $20. And some leaf shaped dipping dishes from the new collection (style #58722) regularly $25 for $15. 

Some of the Italian tableware was higher priced, like the giant yellow flower shaped platters for $50.  Mugs were $5, but had a $3.99 TJ Maxx price tag on the bottom.  My friend and I thought that was strange, and of course passed on that.

I'll go back for the winter sale, the new location is a little hard to find, and it's not visible from the main street (E. Marginal Way).  There is ample parking, which is nice in comparison to the old warehouse location! 

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