Thursday, June 16, 2011

Review - Taste Of India - Seattle, WA

Taste Of India

So there was a time that I gave this place four stars, but either they have gone slightly downhill, or I've become more of an Indian food snob.  Our last couple experiences here just weren't as great as I remember them.  However, the bottomless Chai is still the best!  And when I say bottomless, I mean, literally, bottomless.  They refill your cup faster than you can drink it!  The iced and hot versions are both to die for, sweet and spicy...
Bottomless Iced Chai $2.75

If there is a wait for a table they will often offer a cup of Chai and sometimes even an appetizer.  Taste Of India gets pretty crowded if you are trying to go on a Saturday night, but it's not too bad during the week, which is when I prefer to go.  

Complimentary Potato Appetizer

Once you're seated and getting settled, they usually give you a complimentary appetizer, it's usually a deep fried potato, which is actually really good.  We've had other things brought to our table in the past, but it seems like the potato appetizer is standard now.  They are served with a cilantro and tamarind dipping sauce, which is really tasty!  

Garlic Naan $2.75

For a mere $2.75, the garlic Naan is fantastic!  It's enormous and even with a table of four, we have never finished one.   They usually serve it before your entrees arrive, but we ask that they come together.  I like to dip the Naan in the sauce from the entree!

Chicken Tikka Masala $14.95

Taste of India doesn't really add as much heat as I would prefer, and even if you ask for extra extra spicy, it's not all that spicy.  The Chicken Tikka Masala is ok - it's gotten a little skimpy on the chicken, and it's mostly sauce.  Good thing there's an enormous garlic Naan in front of me. And the chicken is dark meat chicken, and I would prefer white meat.  Other dishes that I really enjoy are the Coconut Curry - This is one of my favorites, and the Tandoori meats are all pretty good.  The Tandoori Cod is a little dry, maybe overcooked? but it's ok.

One thing that is a little strange, they have beef on their menu.  Due to religious restrictions, most Indian restaurants don't serve beef... They also have a significant Mediterranean portion of the menu.  strange.  I have yet to try anything from that menu. 

Cheese Dessert?

So as your meal comes to a close they ask if you would like to have dessert.  If you decline, they bring you something anyways.  This time it was a weird cheese like thing, in condensed milk?  I don't know, it was kind of gross.  We tasted it, and left the rest.  But in the past they have given us complimentary cheesecake, chocolate cake and baklava - the baklava is fantastic and served warm.  Mmm! 

Taste Of India is a decent restaurant, and we'll continue to go back, if just for the Chai! 

Taste Of India
5517 Roosevelt Way NE
Seattle, WA 98105

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