Monday, June 6, 2011

Review - Luc - Madison Park, Seattle, WA


Ugh.  I don't particularly enjoy writing bad reviews, there are some meals I just wish I could forget.  This Sunday my SO and I decided to head to Madison Park and check out Luc.  I wish we had just gone elsewhere. Anywhere else.

We decided to sit on the patio and were seated immediately.  We had a 12:30 reservation, but didn't need it, the place was pretty empty.  The outdoor patio is a little awkward, the tables and chairs rocked on the uneven pavement.  But hey, it was nice out.  We sucked it up!

Sunday Brunch Menu at Luc

We browsed the menu and our server rattled off the daily specials.  After contemplating what to have, I decided I wanted to try something unique.  I decided to have the "poached eggs, ciabatta, ham, harissa-lemon hollandaise, potato rissole".

poached eggs, ciabatta, ham, harissa-lemon hollandaise, potato rissole $15

Ok, first, seriously? Why not just write that it's Eggs Benedict on the menu?  I suppose the description didn't lie, but why not give us a clue?  Whatever.  It arrived and it looked pretty good!  But, that was the high point.  Ugh, where do I start?  First the "Potato Rissole" was nothing but nasty dry flavorless home fries.  They were lukewarm, and just gross.  The potatoes were dry, almost crumbly.  Gross.  I would have been better off at an IHOP, and I don't particularly care for IHOP.

Overcooked Poached Eggs at Luc

Next, the eggs.  I realize that poaching an egg is not an easy task, usually they are undercooked and the white part is runny, gross.   BUT, you're serving Sunday brunch - WTF?  The egg was overcooked, the yolk wasn't runny at all, and the Harissa Lemon Hollandaise was super bland.  It resembled orange salted mayonnaise to be honest.  The Ciabatta was burnt, so extremely difficult to cut through using the steak knife - it shook the whole table as I sawed through it.  The pork was the best part, but the pice was thin, and barely noticeable.

Croque Madame & French Onion Soup $13

When the Croque Madame arrived, we also thought it looked good.  Ugh, nope.  Hard bread, again as if it were stale and difficult to cut through.  Flavorless, and without salt on the table, even worse.  The egg was so overcooked the white part was rubbery.  gross.

Rubbery eggs.. gross...

So, you'd think the worst was over by now?  Not even close.

Side of Fries $7

$7 fries - When we ordered, we contemplated spending $7 on fries.  But we LOVE good fries.  Wait, we love not so good fries too.  We figured, we might as well try them.  I am so upset that we did.  These were the WORST fries I have ever had in my life.  I am not stating that lightly.  I would rather have Denny's, or better, Dairy Queen fries.  They were that bad.  They weren't salted, they were cold. The yellow cup they came in was hot, but the fries inside were stale and cold.  The orange salty mayonnaise didn't help much either.  A bottle of ketchup wouldn't have helped these disgrace to a potato atrocities.  and $7?  Luc, you've got fucking nerve.

I don't typically send food back, let alone complain at a restaurant when they didn't really do anything wrong.  After all, we CHOSE to go there. It's not the servers fault when the chefs suck.  I almost sent our food back, but didn't.  Maybe it was my pride, I don't know.  I may have to toughen up and refuse to pay for such shitty food.   The service was good, although I was nervous about how to answer the standard, "How was your meal?" question.  What do I say? "Fucking disgusting..  How can you pretend to be a nice restaurant, and serve up this crap?" No, I didn't go there.  We just mumbled something and he cleared our plates with a smile and brought the check.  Ugh, damn pacifism!!!  I'd love any tips on how to handle a situation like this gracefully - so if any of you out there know how to handle this, with grace and dignity, please, pass on some advice.

So as for Luc - Never again.  Ever.   I even lost the desire to try Rover's because Luc was THAT BAD.  The reason they are getting two stars is because I reserve one star reviews for places that are just horrific, where I leave offended or completely disgusted, cockroaches, extremely rude service, etc.  But this teeters on the edge. The service was great, the ambiance, nice.  Unfortunately this doesn't really make up for the horrible food.

Madison Park
2800 E Madison St.
Seattle, WA 98112

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  1. Sad day when a 'french' restaurant botches the fries! Too many good restaurants to suffer like this!