Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Review - Fresh Bistro - Seattle, WA

Fresh Bistro

Despite living only about 20 minutes away, I rarely make it over to West Seattle.  But the occasional stroll along California Avenue is great!   For a friend's birthday dinner, we went to Fresh Bistro.   We were with a group of about 20, and unfortunately we didn't get to sit together.  So good to note, this place isn't great for groups.  We were seated in an area with our tables near each other, but were turning our chair around to be able to talk to people at other tables.  

Brie En Croute $12

Our table of four started our meal by sharing the Brie En Croute.   Brie encrusted in a pastry crust and filled with a huckleberry compote - YUM!  The plate also had Seasoned Marcona Almonds, honeycomb, huckleberry jam and rosemary flatbread.  This was good, and perfect for sharing.  The flaky pastry and creamy melted brie is served hot, and it's baked fresh to order.  I loved the tangy huckleberry jam and the crunch from the Marcona Almonds.  I didn't particularly care for the rosemary flatbread crackers, I thought the rosemary flavor didn't go well with the huckleberry and brie.  

Shiso Honey Pecan Prawns $11

The Shiso Honey Pecan Prawns was a little underwhelming.  They were good, but not great.  And I hate foams.  It reminds me of when my cat got sick and was throwing up something like the foam on these prawns.  Sorry, TMI.  But really, foams gross me out.  I pushed the foam aside and ate the prawns anyways.  They were crispy and really reminded me of Honey Walnut Prawns.  Then, thinking those yellow fruit slices were mango, I took a big bite. AACCKK! GROSS!  Whatever it was, mango, I think? Well, they were heavily marinated in what tasted like fish sauce.  It was absolutely disgusting!   Especially if you think you're getting a bite of refreshing mango.  

Braised Pork Belly Banh Mi Sliders $12

Hmm...  These were all right.  The Foie Gras Mayo is unnoticeable with the bold flavors of the pickled carrots and serrano chiles.  The bread was soft, and not really what I was expecting when thinking of Banh Mi.  However the pork belly was cooked well, a little crispy, and tender.  The fries were a little too salty, so I didn't eat many of them.

Coconut Joy Cake $8

Dessert was meh - not that good.  I didn't care for the pool of coconut milk, I think they called it Haupia Sauce or something, but it was just sweetened coconut milk.  The predominant flavor isn't coconut, it isn't chocolate, it's almond paste.  Ew.  I guess it's my personal preference against almond paste, but I wish they had stated this on the menu.   Our table didn't even come close to finishing this dessert - we even tried to pass it over to another table, but they didn't like it either.  

Hazelnut Chocolate Torte $8

Our table also shared the Chocolate Torte - This was better than the coconut cake, but not great.  The berry sauce was tart and kind of bland, as was the tart.  The crunchy biscotti on top was the highlight of this dish.  

Overall, I wouldn't go out of my way to return to Fresh Bistro, but they weren't bad enough to rate at a 2 star rating.  The service was spotty, we were the second table to order, but the last to get our food - my friend had to hail down a server just to order our food.  This didn't bother me too much since were were talking and mingling.  

Fresh Bistro
4725 42nd Ave SW
Seattle, WA 98116

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