Friday, June 17, 2011

Recipe - Dim Sum - Lo Mai Gai (Chinese Sticky Rice in Lotus Leaves)

Lo Mai Gai (Chinese Sticky Rice in Lotus Leaves)

I don't know much about Chinese cooking, but there are some dishes that speak to me.  But there are dishes that I love and I want to learn how to make.  Lo Mai Gai is one of them.  Learning the name for it, as opposed to just pointing to it as a Dim Sum cart whizzes by, is hard enough!   But after researching the dish and the different ways to prepare it, I've come up with my own version.

My version of Lo Mai Gai has giant chunks for the filling, not indescribable "brown stuff", that is common here in Seattle.  The rice is a little heartier, it's more chewy and sticky, not mushy.  You can modify this recipe to fill them with different ingredients that you enjoy too!

I've included detailed photos of the process for making these yummy bundles, it should be fairly easy to follow.  These also freeze really well, so I tend to make a bunch and pass them out to friends and family  The Lotus Leaves can be difficult to find, so check with your Chinese markets or you may be able to find a source online.

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