Monday, May 16, 2011

Review - Wann Izakaya - Seattle, WA

Wann Izakaya

I just love Izakaya style dining.  It's like Japanese Tapas, small plates meant for sharing, and lots of drinks to go around.  We've been going to Wann for quite some time and the food is consistently good!  I love the ambiance of the restaurant, and almost every time we are there, Japanese hipsters are there, boisterously speaking in their native tongue and having what appears to be a great time!

The booths along the back wall are oversized and kind of private, perfect for a group of 4, this is where we prefer to be seated.

Chicken Tatsutaage $6

For only $6, this is a pretty generous portion.  Every time I have had this dish it's always dark meat.  I'd prefer the dryer white meat, but it's still really good.  The chicken in marinated and then deep fried.  It's crunchy and full of flavor.  Yum!

Kushi Katsu $6

Another good dish.  Skewers of fatty pork and onion, breaded and deep fried.   The pork was a little too fatty for my taste, but still good.  The portion size is pretty large.  

Spicy Cucumber $5

Hmm... Good, but not so impressed.  It's just a small bowl of cucumber tossed in Sriracha.  

Ika Maruyaki (Grilled whole squid) $8

This dish is fabulous, and a large portion again.  The flavor is light and fresh, and the yuzu dressing is the perfect balance.  I love this, even though it slightly scared me at first!  But if you like calamari, give it a try...

 and Mecha Godzilla Roll $10.25 
The rolls are unique and there's one that my SO really loves, the Mecha Godzilla roll - This one is super spicy, no seafood, just a thin layer of seared beef with a Habanero sauce and veggies.   This one is extra spicy, and fantastic!

The one thing this place falls EXTREMELY short on, almost unforgivably short, it service during a large party. They have a room off to the side specifically for large groups, but the service is absolutely horrendous.  Even with a reservation, they have been horribly understaffed, and this has happened not once, but twice during birthday celebrations we've been to there.  I will never go back with a large group again nor would I recommend it.

Wann Izakaya
2020 2nd Ave
Seattle, WA 98121

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