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Review - Palazzo Resort, Hotel & Casino - Las Vegas, NV

Palazzo Resort, Hotel & Casino

Because my SO's parent's live in Vegas, we visit pretty frequently.  Not that we didn't go to Vegas a lot before they moved there, it's just a new excuse for a weekend of overindulgence!  I have stayed at most of the hotels on the Strip, with the exception of most of the older ones.  The Palazzo is one of my favorite places to stay.

Why a favorite?  Well, it's a combination of several things.  First, the price.  The room rates in Vegas vary so much, depending on when you go, what day of the week, what month, what events are going on, blah blah blah.  Sometimes the prices are too high at the Palazzo, especially for New Year's Eve, and we will stay elsewhere.  My hotel decision making is a little complex, mostly because I generally know what to expect from the different hotels.  My first choice, The Four Seasons... followed by The Palazzo, then the Venetian... If that's still too high, I check The Hotel at Mandalay, then, The Signature at MGM.  All of these hotels are all suites.  I love the extra space and the giant bathtubs.  But this review is about the Palazzo.

My first priority when choosing a hotel, the bed.  Is there a down comforter?  How cozy is the bed?  The  best bed in Vegas is at the Four Seasons, but the bed in the Palazzo room isn't bad.  I like the down pillows, and I find the comforter warm enough without being bulky.  Actually, who am I kidding?  Sometimes I am so wiped out when I hit the pillow, I probably don't even notice these things.  But, I know I have slept hard in the Palazzo bed.  Sold.

I love that the standard room at the Palazzo is a suite.  The sunken living room is a great addition, because it's sunken, it feels as if you're in a separate are of the room from the bed.  The sectional sofa is great for having people over to hang out, and it can probably seat 6-8 comfortably.  It reminds me of our sofa at home!

There's also a table and chairs in the living room area, I haven't spent much time here, I prefer to lounge in the sofa!  There's also a desk with a fax machine/printer - Not that we've used the fax machine or printer, let alone use the desk.

Ahh, the bathroom.  a large soaking tub with a separate shower.  Awesome.  After trotting around Vegas in 5 inch heels, a foot soak is necessary.  HA!  No, I don't always wear heels in Vegas, but sometimes.... ... ...

Also in the bathroom, a double sink, and a separate vanity area.  Sweet!  I love that the lights are bright enough for me to do my makeup, sometimes Vegas hotel room skimp on the lighting.  A TV in the bathroom, so if you're so engrossed in some show on the limited channels, you can continue on as you shower.  Also, notice the door to the enclosed toilet, with a phone.  Yes, a phone next to the toilet. Gross. This is pretty standard in the Vegas hotel rooms.  Again, gross.  I will never touch that phone.  And friends and family reading this, don't freaking call me from that phone either.  :)

And the view - This is the second time we've had a view of the Wynn Golf Course - It looks awesome, but neither of us know how to golf.  Maybe someday, but not today.

Just a short walk and an elevator ride away are the Shoppes at the Palazzo.  Christian Louboutin, Jimmy Choo, Chloe, Diane von Furstenberg - all in one spot.  Most of the shops are high end, but the mall connects to the more affordable Grand Canal Shoppes at the Venetian, there you will find mostly chain stores like Banana Republic, Ann Taylor, Kenneth Cole, BCBG, etc.

Of course, another bonus for staying at the Palazzo is that it's connected to the Venetian - everything is just downstairs from your room.  Of course, everything in Vegas is huge, so walking from your room at the Palazzo to the casino at the Venetian takes about 5-10 minutes.

There are tons of restaurant choices, some are good, some are tourist traps with crap food.  I never miss a chance to dine at Bouchon, and with it just steps away makes is really convenient.

The best part about a recent stay at the Palazzo - Through the player's club, Grazie, I received an offer for 3 free nights plus $175 in credits for the slots.  This was my first time receiving a comp from a hotel, I really don't gamble much - $20 here and there.  I am not sure why "I" received the offer, but it was awesome!  Of course, the $175 came and went during the trip, but oh well... It was fun while it lasted!

We will obviously stay here again sometime soon - to find the best rates, plan in advance and check the rates frequently.  It helps if your schedule is flexible too!

The Palazzo Resort, Hotel & Casino

3325 Las Vegas Blvd S
Las Vegas, NV 89109

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