Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Review - Local 360 - Seattle, WA

Local 360

So I would be lying if I didn't tell you that I have a slight bias against the hip "Localtarians" that are so prevalent in the Pacific Northwest.  A friend recently moved to PDX and one of his first observations was the over the top localtarianism.  Portlandia even spoofed the whole local sustainable movement in one of their shows.  With a roll of the eyes, I think to myself, "Really? What is the big deal?"  

Enter, Local 360.  A hip Belltown spot that sources MOST of their ingredients from a 360 mile radius.  After reading their mission statement, especially the part about how all of the meats they serve are from humanely treated animals  that are hormone free, and the poultry is all cage free.  My inner hippie took over.    

Local 360 Menu

I wasn't sure what to expect from Local 360, but at first glance at the menu, I knew this wasn't going to be my first and last visit.  Mac and Cheese, Pot Pies, Fried Chicken to name a few.  Ahh.... comfort foods.  

Pork Belly, Baked Beans, Eggs and a Biscuit $10

During brunch I decided on the Pork Belly with Baked Beans, Eggs and a Biscuit.  I don't typically settle for such a "bad" breakfast, but the Pork Belly was calling me... The baked beans were a little on the salty side.  I ordered my eggs poached, so I dropped them into the porky bean goodness and it balanced the meal perfectly!  The portion is pretty large, and the biscuit was to die for. I couldn't finish my meal, I wish I had finished that biscuit!

Malted Buttermilk Pancakes $8

My SO went for the pancakes... I rarely order pancakes because I'm more of a savory brunch person, but I love when he orders them because I get to take bites!  The pancakes at Local 360 were great!  They were light and fluffy and they didn't have that awful bitter after taste that buttermilk pancakes can often leave.   They were pretty good. 

The only downfall, they don't take reservations at all.  We had about a 30 minute wait, which wasn't really a big deal - we just walked through some shops in Belltown.   But no reservations for dinner?  Hmm... I don't like to wait for a table for dinner.  

Local 360 has good, solid, sustainable and mostly local foods... and may have slightly altered my bias against the Localtarians. 

Local 360
2234 1st Ave
Seattle, WA 98121

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