Thursday, May 19, 2011

Nordstrom Rack - Halogen Beaded Chiffon Cardigan

I used to shop at Nordstrom Rack religiously... To the point where people knew my name there.  Yes, it's a little embarrassing.  I moved further away, so as a result, went to the Rack less and less over the years.  But, every once in a while I still love to go and find great deals!  

Today, While browsing the tag sale, which is where they do additional mark downs on already low prices, I found this cute Halogen Cardigan, amongst other things...  

I don't usually love the tag sales, since it's usually all picked over by the time I hit the racks.  Today must have been my special day!  I was able to find this cute ballerina pink cardigan with bronze colored beads  sprinkled on top and along the pockets.  The weather in Seattle is so temperamental, cardigans are a necessity!   I really like the chiffon trim and the cropped sleeves.  I haven't decided if I like the sash that comes with the cardi, I think it might be cuter with a belt.   So the highlight of this cardi?  It was regularly $78, but marked down to $19.97, with an additional 40% off, for a whopping $11.98 before tax.  WOW! Gotta love deals like that!  

Other finds today - a cute light gray and charcoal striped draped knit cardigan, regularly $58 for $12.97 with an additional 40% off, for $7.78!  A really cute L.A.M.B. tiered chiffon top, a Ted Baker Cardigan,  and little lace footies!  Gotta love the Rack!

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