Monday, May 9, 2011

Anthropologie - Striped Borders Boyfriend Cardi by Field Flower

Striped Borders Boyfriend Cardi by Field Flower $29.95 (reg. $118)

Living in a city where the weather fluctuates, it's hard to know what to wear.  Layering is something that is natural for any Seattlelite. One minute, it's warm and sunny, then next a breeze comes in from the Sound and it's freezing cold.  So cardigans are a necessity.  The Striped Borders Boyfriend Cardi from Anthropologie is perfect for spring or summer in Seattle.  It's lightweight, delicate, and girly-nerd chic.  

back view of Striped Borders Boyfriend Cardi 

I love the embroidered lace detail that runs down the front next to a border of white crisp cotton with baby blue and red stripes.   I love finding something I have been eyeing at Anthro on sale, even better when it's on a second cut!  This is sold out online, but I was able to find it at Anthropologie in Caesar's Palace Forum Shops in Las Vegas.

I've worn it once, and the sleeves are a little stretched out -  I am going to hand wash this one and see if I can get the shape back.  I got compliments and a couple "where did you get that sweater?" questions too - I think the small details stand out a lot!

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