Friday, May 6, 2011

Anthropologie - Drifting Lilies Dress by Leifsdottir

Drifting Lilies Dress by Leifsdottir $79.95 (reg. $298)

When I saw the Drifting Lilies Dress I fell in love with the print...  Layers of flowy chiffon, it's just so feminine!  But at full price, and without knowing where I would wear this dress, I didn't even bother to try it on.  Then it hit the sale racks... and now it's on a second markdown!

back view of the Drifting Lilies Dress

I wanted to love the dress, but having a bigger bust, this one just wasn't going to work.  The dress is essentially a tube top style, with an elastic band, and a sheer chiffon overlay that comes over the top of the dress to tie into a halter in the back.  It was totally unflattering for my bust - Everything looked kind of, well, droopy.  No one wants droopy looking boobs.  And that was with a normal bra on - I can't imagine what this would look like with a strapless.

I think this dress might be flattering for a smaller chest, it's really pretty, but just didn't work out for me!  But what a great price at the second mark down!

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